Tableau Tip: Quickly Removing Unnecessary Borders

by Jeremy Kneebone

Here’s a really simple tip for today: it’s something I can never find when I need it, so you might have the same problem.


Below is a bar chart with lots of extra lines on it – I’ve made all the lines and borders bigger so you can see them more easily.

I don’t like these, because they clutter up the view. To get rid of them:


  1. Right-click on the view and click Format.
  2. When the format window appears on the left-hand side, click on the Border option, which is the box in the toolbar with four boxes inside it.
  3. Select Row Divider > Pane, and click None.
  4. Select Column Divider > Pane, and click None.


That’s it. It’s easy, but really annoying when you can’t find it.

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