Alteryx Designer Core Certification Exam - Tips and Resources #Alteryx

by Jesus Esquivel Roman

Today 20th Aug 2021 I obtained my Alteryx Designed Core Certification after passing the 2h-long test with 89.6%. During this week starting 16th Aug. 2021 DS25 has been preparing for this examination during 3 days (Monday to Wednesday) with the aid of TIL Alteryx trainers to take the examination today Friday 20th Aug 2021. In this blog, I will share some tips for those who are planning to take this examination as well as the resources I used during its completion (since it is an open-book examination):


  • Keep track of your time: You only have 2 hours to do 80 questions (73 multiple choice questions, 7 practical application questions). That is 90 seconds per multiple choice question and around 3 min per practical question. I recommend to use your phone's stopwatch to keep track of time when completing each question. After completing one, press the 'lap' button instead of stopping and resetting the stopwatch.
  • Bookmark questions: Use the 'Bookmark' feature to tag questions where you are spending more time than you should. You can refer to them and complete them at the end. I also recommend to write down the questions that you have skipped and believe to be "easier" to complete them first. Mark a random answer and rectified it at the end (worst case you have 1 in 4 chance to obtain a mark).
  • Alteryx Text input is your best friend: This tool has been super useful to quickly test some of the Core Certification multiple choice questions. I recommend to have Alteryx Designer open while you complete your test.
  • Read carefully: Super important! Read the question 2-3 times to make sure that you are not missing important information or "tricks" from the question.
  • Have all useful information sources opened in a Chrome tab: Make sure they are organised, or at least open the main ones. The ones I had opened when I took the test are listed below:


Note: You may not even need to use them all. In the majority of questions, I was able to answer them correctly by reading the question carefully, testing it or exploring Alteryx Designer and its tools.

Best of luck! =D