Training Tips Learnt during my 1st Week

by Jesus Esquivel Roman

This week starting in 2nd August 2021 was just the start of my new career as a Trainee Consulting Analyst at the Data School. After meeting multiple people in the office and having several introductory meetings, I gathered some tips to make the most of my time at the Data School and improve my profile and curriculum:

  • Build a portfolio: Tableau Public (#MakeOverMondays, Work Out Wednesday); Data School Blogs (projects taken, topics learnt, useful tutorials, updates); Alteryx certifications and weekly challenges. These help to not only keep track of your progress but also boost your profile specially when reaching out to clients or obtaining placements.
  • Learn from others: Using Convo (aka The Information Lab forum/social media platform) to ask for help to the whole TIL community, search for frequently asked questions, see announcements, network, and much more.
  • Understand and learn more about the company: Through Tableau Server and its databases which you can use to understand more about what the company does, its clients and even create useful dashboards.
  • Plan ahead and organise your time: Specially for client projects or other project presentations usually taken every Friday. Planning a workflow for preparing your data or even having an idea of what you would like to present in your visualisation in advanced will make your life easier.

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