First Day in DS8

by Jevon Da Costa

Well…here I am.  Glad to finally say I have started my job here at the Data School and elated to be a member of DS8 🙂

Since being offered a place a month ago I was excited to start this new stage in my life. Today it was time to finally meet the rest of the members of DS8 that I’ll be working with for the next four months. It’s amazing to see how data connects all of us whatever our backgrounds may be. But I guess that’s why we’re here, we all see how data plays a huge role wherever we look.

Throughout the whole morning we were all talked through The Information Lab and the Data School’s background. What was immediately apparent was the amount of support a data schooler or anyone else can receive within the community through Convo. Leading experts in the Tableau and Alteryx community are literally a tap away! The opportunities to learn and improve are virtually limitless. As blogging is encouraged, and for someone who hasn’t done it before, I really do see myself taking this opportunity to write some blogs and sharing what I have learnt and experienced throughout my time at the Data School.

Whatever the next few months hold I will look forward to taking the most out of it and in the end becoming a great Data Consultant