Tableau Time Saving Tip #1: Default Properties of Measures

by Joe Beaven

On Wednesday, we had our first day using Tableau at The Data School. Going right back to basics allowed me to see some of the things that I had missed whilst teaching myself Tableau over the past year. I learnt a few things which would have saved me so much time making vizzes. So, I had the idea of running a Tableau Time Saving Tips series where I lay out some things that can save users stacks of time (and fast!).

Have you had a measure that will only ever be one aggregation type (SUM, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, COUNT etc)? Has it been anything other than SUM? An example of this would be a Height field – it’s pretty unlikely that you would ever want to sum this measure (why would you show the summed height of all the players in a baseball team?).

But Tableau’s default measure is SUM when dropped onto a view so you may have found yourself changing this to AVERAGE for every new view built:

So Tableau Time Saving Tip #1:
Before you start building your view right click on the Field, choose Default Properties>Aggregation>Aggregations of your choice…

Then every time you drag the Field onto a view it will default to your selected Aggregation.

And, in addition, save extra time by changing the default Number Format.

Stay tuned for more tips!

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