Tableau Time Saving Tip #2: Format all charts on a dashboard

by Joe Beaven

Ever built up some views quickly without giving much thought to the text formatting? By the time you come to finish up your dashboard, there are Dashboard Titles, Worksheet Titles, Textboxes, BAN’s, Axes, Labels and Tooltips all needing to be re-formatted.

This can mean having to go back and reformat the above independently, returning to each worksheet and working back through. And, when you click back on your dashboard your setup doesn’t quite look right because your selected font scheme has nudged the axes around, or cut off part of a BAN.

To save time when reformatting, click the ‘Format’ tab at the top of the screen and select ‘Workbook’.

A quick tip to format all fonts and lines. This saves you revisiting all worksheets after building a dashboard.

This allows you to select your fonts for the whole workbook, so you do not need to go back to each sheet. As this can be done whilst looking at the Dashboard view, you can more easily see how the view is being affected so can choose fonts size, or quickly make amendments if needed.

The Format Workbook option also allows you to edit default settings for Lines on the view, this allows you to quickly turn off Gridlines (often chart junk) for all sheets for example.

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