How does Tableau Web Editor compare to Tableau Desktop?

by Joe Carr

Last week we (DS13) spent a day running through the basics of Tableau Server with JMac.

We also had a go on Tableau Web Editor to understand how it compares to Tableau Desktop. This involved building graphs with all sorts of features e.g. filters, dual axis, to see what was specifically different between the two software and how their functionalities compare.

I was honestly pleasantly surprised to see how advanced Tableau Web Editor is, considering it is of course a lower priority to Desktop.

However, there are some limitations of Web Editor…

Without further ado, here is a list of things we found to be missing in Tableau Web Editor (compared to Desktop):
  • No sets
  • No parameter creation or addition
    • You can use parameters if they are already in a workbook
  • No tooltip customisation
  • No right-click drag
  • No custom filtering
  • No default properties
  • Limited formatting
  • No clustering
  • No map layers
  • Limited reference line formatting
  • Grand total removal
  • Limited labels
  • No forecasting
  • Filters shown by default
  • Actions don’t really work in the same way as in desktop dashboards

If you see any other features missing which are not on this list, or any mistakes, let me know and I will add them in!