Dashboard Week - Day 2

by Joe Kernaghan

Today's data was on global deforestation, the website was slightly problematic in that the download button wouldn't work, so the first 30 mins or so was spent copying and pasting previews of the data into one large table.

It was also in quite a wide format with measures for each year as column headers, I pivoted this in tableau then used if statements to give a field for the important metrics. I wanted to give the user insights at a glance, so spent the morning building some KPI BANs and sparklines, which were problematic due to the structure of the data, so couldn't give all the context that i planned to.

The afternoon, I built my favourite chart once again, (the single column drill down) this time with the addition of an average line that only appears once you have selected you region. This allowed comparison across a region which one would expect to have similar climates and geographical features allowing more incited to be gained.

One of the fields was regeneration, i thought it would be interesting to look at both regeneration and regeneration compared to the deforestation in the same period, unfortunately the regeneration data was just the total for the period rather than year by year, so the insight wasn't as good as hoped.

The dashboard:

Fri 27 Nov 2020

Fri 27 Nov 2020

Wed 25 Nov 2020

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