Dashboard Week - Day 5

by Joe Kernaghan

Todays data was on crab fishing in the Bering Sea. The data contained information from 1975-2018 about hauls and temperatures. It took a while to find an angle to look into as it was difficult to find any correlations within the data.

I first looked into where the biggest catches were across the years and saw that there was a dramatic change from 1975 and 2018. From this I presumed the crabs had moved causing the fishers to follow. So my question became why have the crabs moved. I did a bit of googling around the crabs and found they had preferred temperatures so thought id look into the change in temperature across the years. A heat map seemed most appropriate, but as the fishers weren't fishing in every location at every time the data had some gaps in, so I grouped by decade (which allowed for a great drill down heat map). This showed something quite interesting the areas closer to shore had gradually got warmer as time went on while further out had got colder. so it seems that the crabs are chasing the cold water.

Then I thought id look into where it would be best to fish, from grouping the temperatures into 1 degree bins you could see they make most catches at temperatures around 1 degree. So by looking at an areas difference to this you could work out where the best fishing spots were.

Here the dashboard:

Fri 27 Nov 2020

Wed 25 Nov 2020

Tue 24 Nov 2020

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