Dashboard Day 5 - Done and Dusted

by Joe Stokes

So today brings the end to dashboard week – a great feather in the cap.

One thing this week has taught me is the importance of working efficiently and not overscoping. Today tested these skills to the max with us being given the go ahead to start at around 10am, with a deadline for 1pm,

The data was through an Uber API where we download CSV files directly from their site. I chose the city of Amsterdam and decided to look at travel times from different origins around Amsterdam.

Essentially my workflow brings in the information from each area within Amsterdam and restructures the data to give a point for each destination within the city. I then bring in using a wildcard union around 12 origin destinations which provides a mean travel time for the whole month of November 2018 to all of the different areas within Amsterdam, starting at the origin.

The final output was essentially a row for each origin and destination and a spatial point created between them. I was able to measure a distance of each line and of course had the travel times as well.

Within Tableau I created calcs to work out an average speed for each potential trip to the different regions.

The final dashboard is below:

This allows a user to select a origin point and see all of the trips. The colour represents a mean daily average of travel time. The user is able to click on a line and see the KPIs update for that particular trip.

It’s been a great week, in which lots of the learning over the whole of the training has been put into practice. I certainly feel more confident about going into my first placement after such a challenging week.

Interactive viz —> https://public.tableau.com/profile/joe.stokes#!/vizhome/Dashboardweekday5UBER/Dashboard?publish=yes

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