Tableau Tip Week - Getting Started With Tableau

by Jules Winceslaus

For the first post of tip week, I thought it would make sense to start with recommendations on how to start using Tableau.

I found Tableau’s starter videos to be very useful before creating my first viz.

There are some great vizzes on Tableau’s Public Gallery for inspiration.

Many answers to your Tableau questions can be found via Google; answers often originate from Tableau’s Online Help, Tableau’s Knowledge Base & Tableau’s Online Community.

An invaluable lesson is in understanding what those blue & green things mean in Tableau; read this explanation via The Information Lab to find out. Understanding this crucial concept will greatly enhance your capabilities with Tableau, as you’ll learn to think how Tableau thinks.

The first intake of The Data School also have some smart advice; read their advice here. In addition, Ramon Martinez has a rich list of resources on his Health Intelligence Website.

Finally, plenty of tips & techniques have already been posted on this blog by my colleagues during these first few months.

PS – if you’d like a resource for learning more about data visualisation best practice using real examples, check out