Makeover Monday and More Alteryx

by Kirsty Fraser

Day 4 began with presentations and feedback. We were asked to prepare tableaus for Makeover Monday which examined a dataset documenting the travels of TV chef, Anthony Bourdain. It was interesting to see everyone’s different interpretations of the data and distinct styles of visualisation. I also found the feedback to be really helpful and constructive and it was nice to see everyone genuinely trying to help one another improve their projects. Although I’m still not 100% happy with my tableau, the critique during session did help me make some changes which made better than before. Also if there’s an opportunity to use a doughnut graph in a viz, I’ll probably take it- I’m a big fan of them.

After that it was back to Alteryx work! It’s a little overwhelming from time to time, lots of new concepts and comments (“is it filter or sort?? is it dynamic rename or dramatic rename?? what does auto-field do again?? Argh!!”). Luckily, whenever I got confused Carl and the other DSX guys were on hand to help point me in the right direction. I definitely see a lot Alteryx practise in my near future!!


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