Dashboard Week Day 1: DNA charts

by Laine Caruzca

Dashboard Week 1: DNA charts

Today was the first day of dashboard week and the first lesson I have learnt so far is TEAMWORK. We did very well in getting the data through web scraping in Alteryx and that was all because of teamwork. We talked through the logic and we came at the problem through various ways, which helped us to go faster.

To see the alteryx workflow and its explanation click here on Alex’s blog post.

In the end, I produced this dashboard, analysing the times of the different cycling clubs I also wanted to compare how these results fared against cyclists that were not part of a cycling club. Hence why the NCC was born, aka Null Cycling Club aka Not in a Cycling Club.

Click on the picture to see the viz on Tableau Public.

So for today’s chart, I created what’s called a DNA chart or a dot plot. This is a simple way of showing distribution and to highlight something out. In this case, I wanted to highlight those that were not part of a cycling club.

  • First I had to create a group called the Null Cycling Club. I needed to do this as there were two fields both named Null.

  • Then I created a dual axis as you can see on the view. As you can see the pills are no longer round on both ends, but they are straight. This is a clear indication of when something has been turned into a dual axis.

  • Then you want to put cycling club into “detail” and change the marks into a circle. This will be for one of the green pills that you dual axis-ed.
  • For the other pill, you need to change your marks card into line and put cycling club into “path”.
  • Don’t forget to synchronise your axis!

And viola! There you go!