Data School Week 4

by Laura Peterson

Week 4 – Alteryx Week

Week 4 was intense; we were busy learning about predictive analytics and spatial analytics in Alteryx, AND we had or first client project this week.

Predictive Analysis

DS2 graduate Benedetta came in on Tuesday and taught us a day long class on how to use the various predictive analysis tools in Alteryx to find causal relationships and insights in our data.

Alteryx predictive

One example that we worked through together looked at data from the Titanic. The cool thing about Alteryx is that you don’t need an advanced degree in statistics to know which predictive model to use. We ran a Decision Tree, Forrest Model, Logistical Model, and Boosted Model using the Titanic passengers age, ticket price, and class to predict the likelihood of survival. Then, used a Lift Chart to compare the accuracy of our predictive models, and help us choose the model with the best possible fit.

Spatial Analysis

The following day, Naledi from DS3 came in to teach us about the various spatial analysis tools.

Alteryx spatial

We used these tools in different exercises to find our nearest customers, and then to see if there was any overlap in store coverage.

Teamwork Success

Our client project meant we had to come together and work as a team for the time this week. The key to successful teamwork is Communication. I know from previous jobs that poor communication can derail progress and lead to confusion about strategies and goals. In order to avoid this pitfall, we had daily scrum meetings to keep each other up to date on our progress.


Laura Peterson

Sun 21 May 2017

Tue 16 May 2017

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