First day at the data school was very promising

by Laura Scavino

The data school offered me a position for DS8 as a Trainee Consultant and I will be undertaking an initial training followed by clients’ placements. I am still very delighted for the opportunity that the Data School has offered me and I am up for all the upcoming challenges during the next two years.

For the first day at the Data School, I felt exactly like the first day of school as a teenager. I got the bag ready the night before, chose the outfit and felt a bit nervous for the day ahead. How it will go? Will I be ready to answer to all the questions?

One of my biggest fears for this first day was mainly related to the extended experience that the other colleagues have in using Tableau. Nonetheless, I have discovered that this would be an opportunity for everyone to learn something new everyday: from creating data visualisations to being able to present confidently. I am delighted to have found such an amazing place to start a career into Data Analytics.

I knew for the recruitment process that the company promotes a positive approach to work, however I would not have expected to be day full of smiling faces excited about data. As a first day I felt it was great, the best impression about the company and its culture. Everybody is relaxed as much as hard working and willing to learn or to teach and even both of them!

I will make the most of my time here and I am sure that the Data School will help me becoming a great Consultant in the near future. I am really looking forward to starting this new adventure at the Information Lab and I hope to learn as much as I can during the four-month training.