First Meet & Greet as a member of the Data School

by Laura Scavino

Second time I attend one but this time as a member of the team. Super excited back then to hear about how cool the company is. The demos inspired me to apply and now it all makes me proud and more motivated to learn!

On the 30 November I attended my first meet and greet organised by the Data School and since then I never looked back. The event helped me understand not only the company’s culture but also the job description. The event is very well organised: it gives you the opportunity to ask questions, understand the application process but also see live demos of the software used.

Introduction by the Head of the Data School, Andy Kribel

The introduction gives attendees the opportunity to ask questions about the recruitment process, the consulting world and the opportunities that this offers. One of the main point to catch is that no CV screening is allowed, everything happens within Tableau: you are willing to do self-learning and create something on Tableau public. There are 2 stages and both require Tableau creation but also good presentation skills, motivation and passion for the software.

The good part of the recruitment process resides in your passions, ambitions and willingness to learn, no matter previous experience with programming or statistics. The company is also proud of its gender distribution, which is quite rare in the Tech Industry: 47% of employees are female, a growing figure probably in the near future.

The Data School is also a great opportunity to work across the UK, US, Australia and the rest of Europe for Big companies such as Banks, Airlines and other Multinationals as a Data Analyst. The programme is not only about data but also social activities, presentation skills, confidence and above all learning. There is no such a day without learning something at the Data School.

Following the great introduction follows two demos: one for Alteryx and one for Tableau, where attendees can see how their potential career will look like.

Five good reasons to come to a meet and greet organised by the Information Lab – Data School

  1. Great environment full of social activities, events and travelling

2. Unique training with Tableau and Alteryx certifications

3. Exposure to big companies and blue chip clients worldwide

4. Starting point for an amazing career within Data Science

5. Community support and mentoring by all the members


On the 21 March I attended the Meet & Greet again and this time as a member of the team, I was among one of those answering questions and doubts from attendees: more than 130 people this time!


Alteryx Demo on Spatial analysis of London bus routes


Tableau Demo on Temperature differences in Europe


Socialising with the Information Lab and discussing about opportunities at the Data School



Everything alongside beers and pizza!

I highly recommend attending next meet & greet organised by the Information Lab, it is an incredible event that will open many doors for your future career.