How is Tableau shaping Business Intelligence worldwide?

by Laura Scavino

Today at the Data School I had the chance to meet Tableau’s Senior Vice President in the EMEA region: James Eiloart, who came in to inspire DS8 cohort.

James Elioart spoke about how Tableau Software was founded by Christian Chabot, Chris Stolte and Pat Hanrahan at the Stanford University’s Department of computer science. The main goals behind the creation of Tableau software was not only to analyse and visualise complex data sources but also to provide businesses, universities and  individuals an user friendly tool.

Despite the fact that there are several business intelligence tools in the arena, Tableau represents a market leader in both data analysis and visualisation as shown in the Magic Quadrant below.

Which characteristics do Tableau has to differentiate from other business intelligence and analytics platforms?

  1. Tableau Public can be used by anyone either a business or an individual interested in data. Anybody can create a profile and download Tableau Public to start playing around with data sets in order to answer any questions to their data sets. Everybody can also take inspiration from other users. 
  2. Tableau gives superpower to any person, who is willing to spend some time on the software but there is also a great supportive community of users worldwide, who are willing to help or simply inspire each others 
  3. Tableau can be used in any field and industry since any topic can be shown with a visualisation. Tableau can be used by any type of business, which wants to have a better insights on its data or simply visualise it.
  4. Tableau cares about its clients worldwide and it always provide support from the training to any other type of assistance required.
  5. Tableau cares about Research and Development to always improve its business intelligence tool to the latest version. It takes inspiration from both other competitors and users requests on the community blogs.

This is mainly what I took away from today’s talk with James Elioart, who inspired me and the Data School cohort to take the best out of our Tableau training.