Dashboard Week Day 2: Craft Beers of America

by Lee Gibbons

It’s day 2 of dizzying dashboard week and the topic for today was, ironically, the only thing that might get me through this – alcohol. Specifically, beer and wine.

The group was split into either team beer or team wine. I opted to go with team beer, the data for which was to be obtained through an API on breweryDB.com – see Andy’s blog post for more details.



The beer team had a tough time with the API, some calls being only for premium users and others returning very little information to work with. As a result, we chose to go our separate ways and scrape for data instead – lunch time was approaching and we still had no data.

Eventually, I sourced some data to work with from Kaggle.com on craft beers in America. It contained two sheets one on breweries and one on the beers themselves – clean and easy to join.



Over to Alteryx for the relatively simple task of cleaning and joining the data ready for Tableau.

The beer data had some duplicates so first I had to use the unique tool to rid of them. The two sheets could then be joined by brewery ID. Following this I generated URLs that I was considering using for more info; the first proved successful however the second (to bring back a picture of the beer can) proved not possible. Finally, I joined another sheet containing full names for states as the Kaggle data only had state codes.



Getting into tableau was a relief as it was already mid-afternoon. I chose to keep the charts simple as time was limited and data wasn’t at its richest. The focus was on design; I used map box for the background layering of the map, followed by meticulous formatting to achieve a classroom kind of theme – this started taking shape without meaning to so I rolled with it.

See the results below, or interact here

Now I know which beers are the strongest I’ll head out for one or two of those.

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