DS6 Expectations, Reality and Goals

by Lee Gibbons

I’m new to the world of blogging, however I’m sure this will be the first of many, so here goes. In this first post I’ll run over my thoughts before and after day one and some of what I’d like to achieve.

Expectations: I had very little time between being offered a place at The Data School and rocking up to my first day, and therefore little time to fixate on what lay ahead. However, the few expectations that I did have were as follows:

  • It will be challenging
  • I will learn valuable new skills
  • I will meet some interesting and amazing new people
  • A new and exciting world will be opened up to me
  • I will become a master of Tableau and Alteryx

In going through the application process, I took the time to read the blogs of previous cohorts and so felt that I had a reasonable insight.

Reality: Day 1 quickly arrived and before I knew it the time had come. I made my way to the offices in good spirits and after an introductory presentation from Tom Brown felt inspired and motivated. Then technical issues on my new laptop alongside a mountain of new information added feelings of being overwhelmed. However, what I soon came to understand was the new support network available to me, consisting of my fellow data school students, trainers and colleagues of the information lab meant that there was always someone there to help. Turns out my expectations were met, but with higher magnitude:

  • It will be very challenging
  • I will learn a huge range of valuable skills in many areas from passionate experts
  • I will not only meet but I will build relationships with many interesting and amazing new people from a range of different backgrounds, all with a shared belief in Tableau
  • This new and exciting world is opening up to me with a wealth of opportunities
  • I’m not sure if anyone can truly become a master of Tableau and Alteryx

Goals: Finally I’d like to finish with a list of goals that I would like to achieve during my time here at the Data School, on my placements and most likely in whatever may follow. This list, if anything, being a reminder for myself in the weeks to come:

  • Be the best that I can be
  • Take every opportunity to learn and grow
  • Ask more questions, and don’t be afraid to do so
  • Become a valuable member of the Tableau community and The Information Lab
  • Endeavour to master Tableau and Alteryx
  • Enjoy the learning process

I’ll check back in a few weeks and see how I’m doing.

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