DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 3

by Liu Zhang
Woman measuring stomach with measuring tape. Concept for fitness and diet.
Photo by Bill Oxford / Unsplash

Today is a straight forward day for dashboard building, we were supplied data source from NCD RisC. The challenge is to download the data with Alteryx for each country rather than manually download the whole dataset from the website from a single file.

Annoyingly the html source code at the csv download page doesn't contain the how country list, which we will need to find on a different page. And I found out today, any option values are not download by Alteryx Download tool, so in the end I have to manually cope and paste them into a text input directly.

Found list of country at different location

The data cleaning steps were reasonably straight forward, as my skill in Alteryx become more proficient. The only trouble I encountered were the mismatch between country names and their csv path name, some manually correction through a Formula tool is needed.

Output data
Final workflow

There are more challenge regarding the dashboard design as we have only only column of continuous values - Mean BMI together with three columns of categorical variables, Country, Sex, Region. So the choice of the charts is limited given the time constrain of the day.

I attempted various calculation for more complicated comparison, but the pressure to finish a dashboard and blog limited my willingness to figure out any mistaken LOD's.

Final dashboard

Though the dashboard is quite simple, there were some insights we can draw from it

1: Global mean BMI is constantly increasing through the year regardless the gender nor living areas.

2: the difference between urban and rural residence mean BMI is noticeable from the map.

3: Women living in urban areas in some African country has a noticeable increase in BMI compared with rural counterpart, while men are less noticeable.

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