DS24 - Dashboard Week Day 4

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Nathan Nichols / Unsplash

Today's challenge is build a dashboard based on a data set about boy bands between a period of 1980 and 2018. It was a nostalgia topics for some's childhood as well as the data school. Andy given the same data set for DS11 and DS22, so it was interesting to see any more angles we can tackle about this data set.

The data set are well structured with all the columns defined and easily joined with band name. The former is sourced from Billboard Top 100, the latter was collected through various sources (hence some empty entries).

The band's hit song information
The band members information

Without much data prep needed, we can join (relation) in Tableau straight way.

Note: for columns involve styling, there are multiple entries. I did not split to rows to avoid double counting.

Logical join

The main difficult about the data set is lack of date and continuous measure, so I was not able to do any trend analysis or any calculations. Most of the visual are based on counting number of bands/members to offer some insight about the data set.


Note: BTS not reaching 1st clearly indicate the data set is outdated :)

In hindsight, it would be interesting to randomly present each other's work. The idea is that if you pickup someone's and takes more than 3 minutes to understand a chart, then they didn't do a good job at providing the information or provided enough context/tooltips. Similarly for the presenter, it is a good chance to practice how to summarise and tell a coherent story about the their findings. That's something I would recommend people to give it a try.

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