DS24 Training Blog - Week 10

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

This week we are back with another external client project, where we were asked to find sight within the department operation, in particular about project scheduling and performance.

Afternoon, we had feedback session with both Head Coach Andy and Carl, unfortunately the team didn't perform well on multiply tasks in the previous weeks, so there are a lot more disappointment among Andy and Carl. Certainly hope we can establish more dialog within team for the client projects and also better planning for the task ahead, a lot more to be improved.

Day 2:

We had Andy in the morning for Tableau session, as we had more experience of Tableau through various projects, the session is more about ticking off any missing topics within the syllabus that people would like to revisit. We went through a very good example about table calculations and comparison with Alteryx.

Afternoon project time, more work is done on data prep for me. The structure of the data set is not the best, as the user at data input stage is not being consistent in their format. Therefore calculation requires multiply columns to be in the correct order to make sense of the view. It was challenging experience.

Day 3:

In the morning we had a short session with Clare from HR about Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace. TIL is doing better than industry average, but it is something that can be continued to improve on.

The rest of the day is a very different experience for me, as I volunteered to teach Stats 101 session for our group, as my background before join in the Data School is maths tutoring. It is definitely a session that can be built up on (as the previous trainer Bethany Fox has joined another TIL office). The chance to use my previous work knowledge is really rewarding.

Day 4:

Laura Scavino lead the session on Tableau, we covered LOD calculation which is always a very challenging topic, although we have used fixed in the past, include and exclude is much less used (see blog update). It is always good to have tools available just in case when it is needed in the future.

We had client meeting in the afternoon to give feedback upon the project progression, it particular to notify the data quality issue encoutered, otherwise it was a very good session where we had received a lot of positive confirmation of the progress made.

Day 5:

Continue to drop in to support the team on their needs with their dashboard, then in discussion with Anastajia on her presentation for the data prep steps.

There is a change of scene in the afternoon, where we will have a look what DS 25 did for their work and giving feedback, some did very well with their new found skills.

The final presentation in the afternoon is very well received, where the client is very impressed with work produced and we received a very positive feedback from the coach. We can finally have a more relaxed weekend this time and looking forward to the next week where we will be doing work on Snowflake database.

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