DS24 Training Blog - Week 11

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Full day on Snowflake, all the introduction to it's database and connection with either Tableau or Alteryx. Slight variation on the syntax difference made it a bit hard to pickup than regular SQL. We had our project briefing in the afternoon instead of morning. A very challenging project this week which involves all the tools at our disposal.

Day 2:

A rare full day that is allocated to the project. Plenty task to be done, we need to download data through an API on Alteryx (Extract), then upload into a Snowflake database (Load), then transform it within Snowflake (Transform), then at last access it by Tableau to build dashboard. Once the process is set, we need to automate it with regular extraction.

There is also lack of team members at various stage, so the tasks are hard to take on, but it was a rewarding learning experience in Snowflake.

Day 3:

In the morning we had a session with Lorna on Tableau LOD's, it is always interesting to have challenges to reproduce the view in the worksheet, where we emphasized on LOD's (see blog)

Afternoon is project time, where I finally understand and cracked flattening nest array in Snowflake and with additional help, also managed to pivot table in Snowflake instead of download to Alteryx to perform the transformation.

Day 4:

Whole day training on Power BI with Andy. As much as TIL is about using Tableau, there are cases when the clients ask for Power BI instead, so it is useful to have exposure about it.

The tool itself is not complicated to use when we know what graph type is needed, though it is less useful for exploratory analysis. We did spent quite a bit time of learning the correct box to tick to get desired formatting result. Lack of fixed container (tiled) does cause a bit more trouble to line up the plots for me. Since it is introductory session, we didn't get into the details of using LOD equivalent in Power BI, so there is some reserved judgments.

Day 5:

Final day of this week's project, with most of the topics done for my share. I spent the morning helping out other team members. With more time available this week (despite lack of full team), we manage to do a trial run and add in all the corrections before then final 3pm presentation.

Overall it is well received as we did cover all the required tasks and manage to finish all the Snowflake related tasks. I learned a lot this week on the usage of Snowflake syntax and functions, therefore I am very glad of this week's project.

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