DS24 Training Blog - Week 13

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Bank Holiday Monday - no work.

Day 2:

Alteryx refresher session with Robbin. We mostly concentrated on macros and covered a little bit on in-DB tools as well.

We had a session before in macro, but additional example helped a lot for me to understand it better. Particular the interface tool and their configurations. First time we just got introduced to those tools, now I have a chance to decide which tools to use and how best to connect them.

Day 3&4:

Consecutive days training to Salesforce, as Tableau is brought by Salesforce, there is a high chance we may encounter the need to its usage in future placement. Steph lead the session, where we used Mockroo on Wednesday to generate random sample data set to be added into Salesforce, then download the data from Salesforce (which as an additional ID columns attached) to further create and link additional data set.

The entire process is a bit long to carry out, but repetition produces familiarity, through debug various errors, we learnt about the required table (object in Salesforce) format and headers.

We also covered embedding Tableau dashboard into web-pages.

Day 5:

We used our previous learnt knowledge to create additional data on a dummy company and upload into Salesforce, then produce dashboard to show the performance and metrics of the new dummy company. The team encountered various issue in uploading new data with new column names and the difficulty of join tables on the correct columns, given the massive scope produced by Salesforce.

Similar to Adventure Works project, the understanding is about join only a few tables first then select only required columns for simplifying the process. Select all may not be the best option when the size of the data grow large.

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