DS24 Training Blog - Week 14

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 0 (Sunday):

I tried for Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification exam on Sunday, which I manager to pass, that was something that made me quite happy and a bit proud of myself as well. (Experience)

Day 1:

This week's client had worked with previous DS c ohort, so we had quite easy kickoff session, where the client gave us single file that includes all the data that we will need and provided documentation for additional explanation. They weren't requiring a lot of dashboards, so the scope of the project is limited. The only challenge is the size of the data set which had more than 1.5 million rows of data (450mb in size).

This created challenges in design the viz and sharing material/workbook, so we had to sample the data for designing designing, then connect to the full data set at the end.

Day 2:

Alteryx refresher session lead by Peter (PGB), where we recapped about web scrapping. It offered good chance to practice more RegEx training ability in parsing the download html text. With more knowledge in RegEx, I managed to the parsing a bit more compactly this time then the first session that we had in the past.

Afternoon's project time, we had more opportunities to explore the data set given. And some of the data quality issue did start to appear, such as null rows for the results, incorrect/infeasible data entries. More clarifications were needed.

Day 3:

Whole day training on Tableau server lead by Andrew Pick. Compared with previous session on the server, this session covered more about setting up a Tableau server and the corresponding components. We created a trial version on a virtual machine on AWS, then upload sample workbooks and its resource management.

Day 4:

Morning training continues from Wednesday, where we practice more with Tabcmd to control and modified the server. It is less demanding now for the management of the server, as the interface has become much easy to use and configuration. Though for any automated process, some background coding was needed to run Tabcmd.

In the afternoon, we continued to work on the project. Help each on the viz calculation and design ideas.

Day 5:

Final prepare for the presentation, we aimed to unite various workbook into a single one where we can use navigation button to give the user a better experience rather than separate workbooks. A unified data source and data fields do make the process easier, it is something we should improve in the future. Given the limited demand on the number of dashboards needed, I had more opportunity to do some further data investigation and tried Story model for presentation instead.

The latest cohort DS26 showed off some really impressive dashboard for their initial application. There is even a three stage Sankey diagram.