DS24 Training Blog - Week 15

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Last client project within the Data School training, where the client has a very organised data set for us to use. The task is to replicate a weekly static PDF with Tableau dashboard, overall the task is reasonably straight forward to perform. As we are asked to concentrate on the summary aspect of the report rather than explanatory, so we don't need to create a lot different charts.

Day 2:

Alteryx server session with Robbin, mostly about sending macro/app onto the Alteryx Gallery for sharing and access. We also went through the admin's aspect of the server as we did with Tableau server.

Day 3:

A session with Laura on working with survey data, the theoretical part of the topic is easy to get (as it is a topic I am familiar with), it is often the practice that is more challenging. Designing the question with consideration of statistical analysis later will take a much deep understanding. Any additional open text box entry will also create substantial amount work in the NLP later.

We had a mid-week catch-up call with the client, unfortunately they would like a rolling week presentation on the x-axis which creates a bit challenge to create, as my original design involves Year on Year comparison.

Day 4:

Whole day Alteryx refresher session with PGB, we did web scrapping for the day. The challenge is always the parsing of downloaded HTML data, personally I am happy to have more practice with RegEx tool. The iterative natural also indicates good opportunity to practice building macros.

Day 5:

Friday mornings are always the final dash to finish the dashboard and formatting, With the previous week's experience, the team also successfully integrated various dashboard into a single one for the ease of the client.

Afternoon's presentation is held in person with DS25, who did Adventure Works sample data set from Microsoft SQL database. It is interesting to see the next cohort doing the work we did as well and see the comparison and difference.

The client presentation for ourselves proceeded successfully, as the client is pretty happy with the work we have done and glad about the design and some of the insights that we have found, it capped off a good week's work, where Andy and Lorna are quite happy with our performance as well.

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