DS24 Training Blog - Week 16

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

First part of Predictive tools training in Alteryx with Robbin. We covered supervised learning, such as Decision Tree, Forest Model, Regression Models and the Model Comparison tools. ML is a topic of high interests for me, it was good session to how the tools are connected and used. Though the introduction session doesn't gives in-depth configuration.

Day 2:

Second part of Predictive tools with Louisa on unsupervised learning, on topics such as clustering (K-mean, KNN), Market Basketing Analysis and PCA. Both days we were also demonstrated the Intelligence Suite in Alteryx, as a future direction of ML in Alteryx Designer.

Day 3:

Consulting advice session in preparation of our first placement. In the morning, Tim and Dan lead the session about what to expect and what to do during our placement as a consultant. In the afternoon, we had Emma about the additional (external) services that TIL provide to it's client. If we ever stuck on something, there is always a collective knowledge base available at TIL.

Day 4:

More information on placement support, but this time it was on the topics of personal well-being side. Bene and Dan did presentation about various form and personal available at TIL where people can talk to when they encounter issue or just want to have a chat about.

Day 5:

As there is no client project this week, we had another Friday project instead. The task was using the predictive tool within Alteryx to perform ML on a large dataset. The data has 100k rows and 100 columns, dimension reduction was the hardest part of the task as the substantial number of columns heavily impact the speed of various Alteryx predictive tools. There are a lot experience learnt about data cleaning and feature selection. (See blogs)

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