DS24 Training Blog - Week 4

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Monday's session was lead by Lorna, in preparation for Tableau Desktop Associate Exam. More topics to cover, less unfamiliar topics such as data connections, mapping, more used feature such as filter, chart types, analytics. Calculations is a tough topic to be covered later by Andy.

Day 2:

We had Andy back on training for Tuesday (who had a busy schedule on interviewing new cohort), on Dashboard Design, he recommends reading Stephen Few's book on this topic. The key is about being able to convey the information clearly with ease to read, provide summary and context helps a lot rather just a plot.

Andy also provide a lot exercise for us to try about dashboard layout, in particular, using containers within Tableau. Excalidraw is always handy to use.

Day 3:

There is a different Andy for today's training, Andy Pick, on Tableau server. There are two options for the user - Tableau Server or Tableau Online, former is user control and maintained, while the job is done by Tableau for the latter. Depends on the database demand and requirement, companies has various reason to go for one or the other.

It is hard topic to be covered as we had no prior experience in server management, there are also a lot options and controls available. Luckily this is the first of four session that we will have.

Day 4:

Thursday training was divided into two session. In the morning we had Steph to prepare us for future public teaching session - Learn What the Data School Learn. Mostly about lesson planning, engagement and zoom etiquette.

In the afternoon, we had our first session on Tableau Prep with Jack Perry. With some experience in Alteryx, the idea of ETL on data wasn't too hard to follow, though mostly learning the user interference with in Prep. Although it's functionality is not as comprehensive as Alteryx, numerous features to be expected within Prep soon.

Day 5:

Relatively unstressed project day, as morning session is used to create a lesson plan for the Learn What The Data School Learns, given a personal experience of teaching in the past, the structure is simple to setup, though content creation will be a bit more challenging. Examples need to simply enough for people to follow, yet challenge enough to show the capabilities of program (Alteryx Spatial tools for me to teach) Find a suitable balance will be hardest to achieve.

In the afternoon, DS 23 continue to impress with their presentation to the client, with extreme positive feedback after the session. Therefore, we are continue to learn from their dashboard design analysis.

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