DS24 Training Blog - Week 5

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

This week, we started learning more theoretical topics. On Monday, we had a session taught by Robbin on Tableau data model, it involves understanding the how data source is linked throw either logical layer, physical layer or blend. Each update Tableau offers more ways for people to connect their data, the benefit of each will certainly take some practice to understand better, and the corresponding performance related setting.

Day 2:

RegEx day! Olli took us through a whole day training on regular expression, a new tool/language used to select and manipulate text strings. We went through the basics syntax such as digits, characters selection and capture. Another skills that will require plenty practice to be proficient.

In the afternoon, we concentrated more on incorporate the skills learnt in Alteryx with parsing and tokenize strings. The task was rather overwhelming among the cohort as it is the first encounter with regex, more Alteryx challenges are coming.

Day 3:

More Tableau exam prep session in the morning, lead by Andy. We covered more topics on calculation, in particular work around to find the desired answer without going to details in LOD calculation.

Afternoon is teaching prep slot, continue to finish find data set and setup the workflow for my session on Alteryx Spatial.

Day 4:

Same structure as Wednesday, though the morning session is lead by Carl.

In the afternoon, I've finished design the example workflows and upload all the required files to the project drive.

I booked mine Tableau exam on Thursday night, with a quiet room in the office. The virtual setup with a proctor to do the exam on a VM is rather cumbersome, though looking back, I had much better luck where my session run relatively smooth without any hiccups. The exam took much longer than I expected, I have used up whole 2 hours rather than 1 hour or so from the sample prep paper. Luckily I did pass in the end with a great sense of relief.

Day 5:

Given I had done the test, then the allocated time slot become free, so it is a much relaxed Friday for me. I took the slot to polish off my prepared training material, then did a dry run with my supporting partner. With a better understanding of my speed and time usage, I am more ready for the final training session in the end of the month.

Afternoon is another presentation from DS 23, which covered topics of Tableau server access functionalities.

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