DS24 Training Blog - Week 6

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Peter Silvester lead the day's session on Alteryx Macros & Apps session, as we had a session on Macros before, we concentrated on Apps instead. The setup is much easier than the macros does, more of setting up user interface compared with macros session. There is only one option for Analytic App rather than three for macros helps.

Day 2:

Soft skill day about project management, in preparation for the coming weeks. Plenty good advice from the coaches and past cohort, such as ask about client for their targets and requirements, then manage the communications and expectations.

The importance of details, such as knowing software version, data dictionary, font size, colour schemes, small things that may undermine a great visualization.

The quality of work are shown by the details.

Day 3:

Whole day training session on data security and ethics lead by Louisa O'Brien. Given the amount data leak around the world, data security is an increasing become a top priority for most companies, while the client side may have various degree of data handling process, TIL aims to achieve a high standard that will satisfy all its client.

Ethics is much hard to maintain though, when the rules are written then it is easy to know where the boundary is, but when they are not, judgement matters.

Be good

Day 4:

Half day Training, Carl went through various usage of parameters within Tableau, such as drill, filter, reference lines, swap worksheets. There are plenty examples for Hannah to demonstrate in the coming event Learn What The Data School Learns.

Day 5:

Friday is project day as usual, this is the last one before we start our first client projects. We had less pressure this week, so the project is aimed to continue previous day training, use the parameter action that we have learned on Superstore data set.

Afternoon, we listened to DS 23 client project on topic cover banking sector. We learned more experience on project management as they had only 13 hours to finish a set of dashboard to demonstrate the possibility of Tableau to the client, while also need to plan meeting in consideration of time zone difference.