DS24 Training Blog - Week 8

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

First time doing Project Manager (PM) role, morning kick off session with Carl is relatively straight forward. Once we are connected to a live database, team are left to play with the dataset.

See Experience for more detailed read

Day 2:

First day of Learn What the Data School Learn (LWTDSL), team members took various timeout to do the public teaching session, it was hard to organize collective team meetings, so as pm, I have to take available slot to do individual catch up sessions.

Afternoon session is Tableau with Steph, the topic is on parameters which is both a learning and revision session for the group. It is an opportunity to learn and share good usage on parameter actions.

Day 3:

Similar to Tuesday's schedule, except the Tableau session is allocated in the morning with Carl, who covered topics about scaffolding within Tableau and tricks used to create calendar layout within worksheet.

Personally, I helped as a support for my team member Garth for his session in the morning, then lead my own session in the afternoon on Alteryx spatial analysis.

Limited opportunity to catch up with other team members about their project progression.

There is also a (online) Meet and Greet session after work, it is used for perspective candidates to checkout and ask about question to TIL members about the Data School application and training.

(Check out Hannah's blog about the event)

Day 4:

The day started with a quick session with Andy Pick, to give feedback on the Data School training, in both learning and teaching, any modification or improvement can be made.

Then Ellen Blackburn lead the session on Tableau design best practice, who has an impressive collection of viz on her public profile and an leading member with in TIL in terms of dashboard design. There are a lot of good ideas shared within the session.

Afternoon is allocated for project time, as the penultimate slot before the final presentation, there are various moving around involved to help out team members about their dashboard and answer any additional questions.

Day 5:

Final day of the project, initially designed to be for formatting and practicing presentation, unfortunately some team members encountered more issues than others, so group effect is needed to finalized the result.

Team did well to pull off task, although some objectives are missed, the final presentation is reasonably well received by the coaching team present.

DS 23 did their final presentation within the Data School in-house training before start their first placement next week. The topics is international bank and finance analysis, once again they demonstrated their skills and created some clean, interactive dashboard, where the client appeared to be very pleased about.

Best of luck to them.

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