DS24 Training Blog - Week 9

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Unfortunate the planned client didn't provide the data in time, so the project become internal one, where we used all the data available within TIL's internal server to analysis all aspect of the business, both training and consulting service. Each of the team member is expected to create two dashboard each, internal view and external view. A lot is on the line as all people within TIL is stakeholders now.

Day 2:

Morning training kicked off with Dan Farmer, who taught us Alteryx spatial tools. As mentioned in the previous blog, I did self-study on Alteryx spatial tools for the LWTDSL, so the session was more a detailed revision rather than introduction for me, it is fully enjoyable to see more examples introduced and I was able to ask some more specific questions for things I wasn't sure of.

In the afternoon, the team continue to work on the project, there was a bit struggle to design a dashboard for the external view, as sensitive information are not to be displayed, when numerical variables are not to be shown, such as sales, revenues, it is quite hard to produce a summary view, rather an unexpected challenge.

Day 3:

Dan Farmer continue to teach us on Alteryx, this time about documentation and performance for a workflow. I really liked the technical aspect of the session, where I was able to learn more background knowledge about the common tools and knowledge about more production ready workflows.

The project time continued in the afternoon, we also had a detailed session with the client (Andy) to ask questions about our dashboard so far and quick feedback as well. There was a lot expectation from the coaches about this week's project.

Day 4:

Almost a whole day session on SQL, with connection through both Tableau and Alteryx. Andy lead the session to introduce basic SQL syntax. Given the experience in self study, the session wasn't the most difficult.

Given Tableau itself is based on using VizSQL to translate the SQL queries to the database, the basic understanding of the SQL keywords helps to understand the order of operation within Tableau a lot.

Day 5:

Project presentation day, unfortunately the session wasn't the best of quality. I had misunderstood the request, therefore the dashboard wasn't build with correctly to answer the initial questions. As much as I learnt some tricks in the process, the work was rather useless, a very disappoint end of the week.

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