DS24 Training Blog - Week 12

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Marvin Meyer / Unsplash

Day 1:

Monday client project kick off, where we had a client in estate managing sector. There are a lot files supplied, but in a scattered structure, hence we had a difficult first day in organise and unite various data source. The project manage George did a good job in communicating with the clients for clarifications, and luckily the client was also very responsive.

Day 2:

Whole day training with Andrew on Postgres, it is less about SQL queries, more about Tableau database (which is based on Postgres). We learnt more about server performance tracking statistics and log files.

We did viz on those log file, which also offered more insights into TIL's operation. It is impressive about the openness of TIL's operation and flatness of its structure.

Day 3:

Interesting experience in the morning, where Andy gave us a chart building pop quiz (close book), to recreate 24 charts within 3.5 hours' session, a task set to see how far we get with our Tableau skills. I really liked it, some formatting was not possible to complete, but the overall calculation was reasonable, though I was very disappointed with myself in failing to create current year and previous year comparison, where I did write a blog about it. Really looking forward to pop quiz 2 now.

In the afternoon, we had our client mid-week checkup call. It was good that the client is quick in their response, but given the vast amount of requirement and imprecise targets, we had our fair share of difficult in processing the data.

Day 4:

In the morning we had Commercial Awareness with Jack de Courcy Robinson and Tim Ngwena, it is good to hear experience from the sales side of the company and extra experience sharing from Tim, we got to understand more from both client's side of operation and TIL's.

For the afternoon, I volunteered to do TIL's Thursday public training session on Alteryx's spatial analysis. As I had a very good experience from LWTDSL session, I would like to continue to train the community, where I had learnt much myself.

Day 5:

Continue finalizing the dashboard for client projects in the morning, and helping out each other whenever we can.

Presentation itself went quite well, the client is quite happy with the dashboard presented, where the requirement for me was to create a 40 KPIs summary dashboard, which I think I did do a quite good job to make it in a feasible layout. We received a lot of constructive feedback from Andy as well and it is good to see team are not happy as we are setting higher and higher expectation for ourselves.