Alteryx Challenge & Prepping Data Alteryx Solutions Log

by Liu Zhang
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Update Time: 15/06/2021

There are 272 Alteryx Challenges and 122 Preppin' Data Challenges

Our instructor Carl Allchin (who loves Quokka) from the Data School also runs Preppin' Data blog.

Preppin’ Data
Challenge by: Carl Allchin This week’s challenge continues the focus on calculations, this time the focus is numbers. When using measur...

I want to give it a try as well, where I think it is valuable experience to practice all kinds of data, therefore this blog is keep track of my progress. The blog posts solution in Tableau Prep, while in training, I should do so in Alteryx as well as in R (will be uploaded in future after the former is done)

Note 1: This is a solution, not necessary the most efficient/robust/easiest solution. I will update if there is error or substantial improvement in the workflow while I learn more about Alteryx from Data School training.

Note 2: Kelly Gilbert offers her solution in Alteryx and Python at

Google drive folder link:

Data Prep Chanllenge/Exercise – Google Drive

Google Sheet Log:

Data Prep Solution
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