Tableau - Fix Map Size Without Zoom

by Liu Zhang
Photo by Timo Wielink / Unsplash

Tableau's default setting for Maps are enabled with scrolling for zoom, though it is not very helpful when we try to scroll through a viz, then accidentally panned or zoomed map instead.

Default size - Fit entire view

But this can easily happen in the worksheet or dashboard, when mouse is scrolling. It is common when a viz is in a long format and we browse it on a web page.

Accident happens

Although we could recover to the original view by reset the map, by moving the mouse to the top left of the view. It is just inconvenient with the extra click.

Reset button

We can fix that by prevent zoom from the Map in the tool bar.

Select Map Options

In the dialog that appeared in the view, we can deselect Allow Pan and Zoom, and the map will be fixed with current view

Note: Do reset to the size required before deselect.

Now you are free to scroll happily to read a viz without worrying about the map to be super tiny anymore. If zoom in is required, you can either enable the feature or filter data to the required level.

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Thu 22 Jul 2021

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