Dashboard Week - Day 3

by Maleeha Ahmed

Today’s task required us to use Power BI for the First time.

It only took 15 minutes within using the tool did I become a fan.

I find it easy to build different chart types without having to create any complicated calculations (depending on what you want to accomplish). For example, building a Chord graph only requires a couple of clicks.

Like Tableau, they have “Show Me” graphs, however, Power BI has a wider selection, as people can create graphs and make them downloadable to any user.

Another feature I rather liked in Power BI is that instead of creating individual graphs, one per sheet, like in Tableau, In Power BI you can build multiple graphs in one sheet and instantly create your dashboard. This made it a lot easier for me to consider the functionality and look of my dashboard.

However Tableau has many more formatting features (from what I saw in my one day’s experience), that means you can customise the look of your dashboard and really define it, in the way you want it to look.

Also, Tableau is much more advanced in terms of dashboard actions. There is a lot more of a variety of actions to choose from. However, I did notice that Power BI has already implemented set actions, which Tableau has just adopted. But the way in which you create these set actions in Power BI is much more straightforward and doesn’t require a complicated process.

There is still a lot more for me to explore, like how detailed can you make your tooltips or how to create calculated fields. However, for any beginner in visual analytics, this is a great tool to get started.

A short summary of pros for each software compared to each other, from one days use:


Overall I am still pro Tableau.

Final Dashboard:


Link: https://bit.ly/2Bvt6jG