Formatting - Creating Lines In Your Tableau Dashboard

by Maleeha Ahmed

Creating a line within your dashboard is simple, but you just need to know how.

When you create your dashboard, you are able to drag in a “Blank” on to where you would like your line.  

Here I have dragged a “Blank” just under my title. You can easily change the size by dragging the outer box lines, down, up, in or out.

Once you have dragged the “Blank” in place, click on Layout, on your pane.

Within this section you will also be able to edit the size of your box, the padding around your box and also the colour of that box.

Here you can select the colour you would like.

Here I have chosen a colour and I have dragged my box to as thin as it will allow me to go.

When I use lines to break up a dashboard view, I usually like my lines a lot thinner. If you click on the outer padding option, a new box will appear allowing you to create more white space within your “blank” around the edges, allowing you to create an appearance that your line in thinner.

Click into the lock icon which will allow you to customise each side outer padding. Here you can play around with the size you like. I will adjust my “top” and “bottom.”

Here I have created Two lines using a “Blank.” Another way I use to create lines in Tableau is by using a “Text” Box and creating a line using the Keys on my key board. This can allow you to create different types of dashed lines to break up your dashboard.

Fri 01 Feb 2019

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