As first weeks go...

by Marc Reid

… it was fairly intense.  Data visualisation fundamentals, lots of drawing (..on paper.. with crayons!), graph building and a #MakeoverMonday session, an inspiring talk from Tableau Zen Master Rob Radburn, an introduction to Tableau Server from in-house Server guru Jonathan MacDonald and overview of the Tableau product line by Dan Raines.  Thursday included an insightful talk and Q&A with SVP for Tableau, EMEA, James Eiloart, which really helped in understanding the unique mix of mindsets that initially created Tableau, making it so unique as a product.   All topped off with a fun night of Karaoke, drinks and chance to meet more of the Information Lab team.

While there wasn’t so much in the way of formal Tableau training this week, there was no shortage of learning.  For me, much of this learning came from my fellow seven Data Schoolers who bring a wide variety of Tableau experience to the group and have been very supportive in sharing their skills and experience.  Just as valuable was seeing their very creative approaches to design and visualisation through the iterations of design/present exercises, which have already started to help me see alternative ways to represent data outside of the more corporate style I’ve been more used to in recent years.  I look forward to learning more from and sharing ideas with the team over the next 4 months!

Tue 23 May 2017

Fri 21 Apr 2017

Wed 19 Apr 2017