Data School Dashboard Week Day 1 - Finish on time!

by Michael McFadden

One day down, 4 to go and dashboard week is off to a slow start… And I can see more of the same throughout the week, but also plenty of room for improvement!

Coming into dashboard week I took on some tips from previous “DSers” and core team members and the things that stuck the most were ‘stick to your plan’, and ‘you can only do as much as you can do in the time allowed’ – unfortunately they didn’t stick enough! I had a plan, I stuck to it for the most part but I found the perfectionist in me slowing me down with the need to ensure everything I was doing had my own stamp of approval for quality. As a result I had less and less time to build a dashboard… As a result I continued to shape and investigate the data and the day slowly went by.

5 o clock came around and I had only just moved to Tableau. Stuck between the thoughts of ‘you can only do so much in a day’ and my inner critic telling me none of the designs I was putting together were working I was struggling past 6…

I’m not one to publish something I’m not proud of, but I think it’s a lesson learned and should be out there to be seen; So at the end of this post is what I finished with. Not my best work by a long way, but definitely work that’s taught me a few lessons, and luckily (or not) for me I get to give it another go tomorrow and I look forward to seeing the progression throughout the week.


My main aim for tomorrow: Finish on time.

How I’ll achieve it: Plan my dashboard before in prep my data. I found that my main issue was although my data was clean and correct, it didn’t give me a lot to work with by way of an insightful and informative dashboard.

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