DS7 Tip Week – Tip 4 – Select a worksheet without triggering an action

by Michael McFadden

If you’ve been following my last 3 tips, by now you’ll have set up some sort of dashboard actions – today’s tip deals with a common frustration that comes with dashboard actions.

Before knowing this tip I found myself getting extremely frustrated when I had a dashboard action on a sheet that I wanted to select, move, or edit and went through the struggle of trying to click the little grey box outline – this becomes even more frustrating when the action is to navigate elsewhere and you have to go back and forward between dashboards in order to finally select as you want… well fear not.

You can use the Middle Click/”Scroller” to select any sheet on a dashboard without triggering an action or selecting a mark. Simple as that – short and sweet today.

Side tip: Keep the seat next to you empty on the train by smiling intensely and widening your eyes at every passenger that walks towards you.

If you want to have a read of my other tips so that you can get to, and then sidestep this issue, they can be found on my dataschool blog.


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