DS7 Tip Week – Tip 5 – Change multiple aggregations at once

by Michael McFadden

My final blog in this series relates to something that I always used to find took up a lot of time when creating tables *gasps*… Tables in Tableau are fine in moderation and if used correctly, however, for my example I’ll show you how to change multiple aggregations with less clicks when using measure values and measure names.

What do I mean by ‘Change multiple aggregations?’… well… you may bring all your measure values into the view and realise that they’re all averages, when really you want them all to be sums. Below I show you how to do this quickly.

Some readers may know that you can hold CTRL (CMD for the Mac users out there) and click measures to select multiple measures, you can then drag them around as required to move them from label, to rows, to columns etc but what a lot of people may not know is that if you select multiple pills and then change the aggregation of one of those, it copies that same aggregation to the other selected pills as well – as demonstrated below:


Simple as that, more time saved, and again more time for vizzing!

Side tip: Carrying things makes you look busy…