How to merge spatial objects in Alteryx

by Micol Bedarida

Did you know there is a ‘spatial tool’ in Alteryx that is not a Spatial Tool?

Say you wanted to combine several spatial objects into one. The quickest way to do that is with a summarize tool.

1. Import your spatial file into Alteryx. Here I have a data set with the boroughs of NYC. I attached a browse tool to the data set, and indeed, each borough is a separate spatial object.

2. Bring a summarize tool onto the canvas and connect it to your data set. Select the spatial column in your data set and summarize by spatial > combine.

In order to view the result, add a browse tool to the end of the summarize tool, run your workflow, et voilà! All the NYC boroughs have been merged into a single spatial object.

Hope you have fun merging spatial objects with a summarise tool and you can follow me on Twitter at @MBedarida