DS24 Dashboard Week - Day 1 - UK Street Crimes

by Muneeb Sajjad

Final week of training, dashboard week, day 1.

We've been tasked with building an Alteryx App that allows the user to pick a date range and category; using the UK Street Crimes API. A dashboard on tableau, and this blog post.

1.0 The Workflow

After entering the URL and connecting the download tool to retrieve the UK Street Crime data, I used the JSON Parse to parse out the values into a table from the DownloadData field. I then used the text-to-columns tool to split the numbers and the headers I'd be using for my fields. The cross-tab tool helped me to split the rows into columns. I added a create points tool with a browse to view the points on a map. To create the app, I added a couple filters. One to allow the user to select a crime category, and the second for the date.

Alteryx Workflow | UK Street Crimes API | Analytics App

2.0 The Dashboard

To create the dashboard, I added an output data tool after the cross-tab. This gave me more data to play with. I included a few filter options (crime category, the outcome, and the date). And also a BAN showing the number of crimes.

The dashboard shows crime at street-level, within a 1-mile radius of the single-point (latitude/longitude) I entered in Alteryx.

Link to the dashboard: https://public.tableau.com/shared/DYXJCMB4H?:display_count=n&:origin=viz_share_link

Tableau Public Dashboard

3.0 This Blog Post