Meeting James Eiloart

by Naledi Hollbruegge

Day two, and what a start to our Data School Journey. After a Monday of introductions, laptop set-ups and first explorations of the theory of data visualisation, we had the privilege of meeting James Eiloart on Tuesday morning: Vice President of EMEA region at Tableau Software, Inc.

James took the time to chat to each of us about our interests and diverse background stories, exploring with us how Tableau can be used in any setting, from public health to the management of your local pub.He then went on to tell us about the history of Tableau, and shared what he personally loves about the community and the product. Finally, he outlined his hopes and expectations for the members of the Data School and the role that we will take in the community once we have completed our training.

His excitement about the subject is truly contagious.

james eiloart


Naledi Hollbruegge

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