Can you own a project on Tableau Server?

by Natasha Kurakina

Tableau Server week started today for DS5 with Jonathan MacDonald being in charge of our training.

The first day was packed with loads of information about Tableau Server front-end, including thorough discussions about publishing options, connection types, authentication choices and refresh schedules.

Definite highlight of the day was the installation of our own Tableau Server on a virtual machine on AWS. It’s true, everyone at Data School had to install Tableau Server on the first day of server training!

Being the only one user, especially with admin rights, on the server is definitely not fun, so we created additional users to play around.


Server administration is going to be reviewed in detail tomorrow, however today we had time to briefly look at different user roles and user groups.

Hovering over an information icon, when assigning a site role for a user, will display a pop-up window listing all the permissions for each role. Below, I’m assigning Jamie a role of Site administrator.


After that I assigned several users into the “Finance” group and created a separate project for this group, setting up project permissions for the whole user group. Note that all users’ permissions are the same as the group’s permissions. The only exception is the user with an Administrator role, which overrides group permissions.


Let’s assume that now we want to change the ownership of the project to someone in the Finance group. However, in the Change Owner menu, we can see only Jamie from the Finance group, and other users with an administrator role, but it seems that we cannot assign the project ownership to any other user from the group, which is surprising.


Indeed, according to the Tableau online help file, projects are the only content that can be owned by users with Site Administrators role only.

That’s all for today, looking forward for more Tableau Server training his week.

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