Dashboard Week Day 4

by Nathan Leather

Today’s task was to collect data about local events via an API, request a key, and use the authentication parameter in Alteryx to get the data. The API was found at github.

The objectives were as follows.

  1. Return all events that are within 50 miles of my hometown or from where I currently live.
  2. Return the distance from my location to the event.
  3. Return all fields available in the API.
Alteryx workflow

I designed my workflow to be able to find the nearest events in my area based on the event type, event price, age of attendee admitted and time open and close.

The following sketch shows how I intended my visualisation to look.

The twist today was NO TABLEAU for visualising data. Therefore I chose QlikSense and produced the following viz.

I found the interactivity of QlikSense especially hard to grasp, however producing the chart types themselves was incredibly simple. Formatting these charts was also less obvious and made the finish look very basic.

I enjoyed more Alteryx prep work and I found it interesting seeing other visualisation layouts.

On to Day 5!


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