Dashboard Week Day 5

by Nathan Leather

Final day of the week. Today’s task, myself and the DS15 squadron had to download, visualize and blog about movement data from Uber. There was lots to choose from. I focused on Uber movements in London and combined it with spatial data from Uber to build a map in Tableau.

With only a couple of hours to produce and workflow in Alteryx and produce a dashboard in Tableau, I was very happy with the outcome! My alteryx workflow allowed me to break up the longitude and latitude points of each area Uber drop off point from Camden using spatial tools, to produce polygons for certain areas. From there I combined the average time taken for each journey to see how long it takes to get anywhere from Camden. With more time, any particular origin location would have been an option for the end user to enable all times to be found from any area.

The browse tool allows spatial data to be shown on a map in Alteryx

In tableau I used pages to show the map changing as the time was specified to show what areas could be reached in what time.

That brings dashboard week to an end. A great week had by all. Thanks to everyone who made the tasks, in particular Sara, Bona, Tom and Andy.


Nathan Leather

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