Dashboard Week, Day 4: California Fires

by Owen Barnes

Today's topic came with some interesting twists. We had to 'pair up' with someone, as the web-scraping was quite difficult and unorthodox.

Alteryx Workflow

Page numbers didn't refresh new pages, meaning that web scraping became quite difficult, and there was a big time constraint to get this all done. Me and Lukas teamed up with Tom Prowse who really helped us with this.

Next, I found some really cool findings in Riverside (a county in California) that has been plagued with forest fires with emphasis on 2017. So I made another long-form dashboard, and drilled down in granularity as the dashboard developed.

I found some really great external data that looked at PM2.5 Levels after the main fire (The Manzanita Fire) that happened around late June.

As we can see, PM2.5 levels are incredibly high around the 28th-30th of June.

My final visualisation (I have tomorrow off) can be found below!