Re-designing Makeover Monday Week 41

by Owen Barnes

This weeks Makeover Monday looked at a simple dataset with a very unclear visualisation. The data is looking at the respondents to a survey by sector, and uses an unordered radial chart, which is difficult to understand, and overcomplicates the simplicity of the dataset.

The original visualisation. Source

What (Doesn’t) Work Well

I’m not sure anything necessarily works well here, other than the fact that each bar has a separate colour. I think this would be improved by sorting by percentage of participants, but this would only improve the visualisation so much.

My Approach

I think with this type of dataset, the bar chart is the best chart type to use, and regardless of simplicity, the most important thing to do is clearly convey the information within the dataset. I edited the alias’s of some of the rows to enhance clarity, and sorted in descending order.

Thanks for reading, and I hope everybody decided to stick to a simple chart choice this week!