Dashboard Week: Thursday – Zillow House Value in the USA

by Pablo Sáenz de Tejada

Friday last the last the of our Dashboard Week, and we could choose the dataset we want from the website zillow.com. I decided to focus on the median value per square foot, to see it’s evolution during the last years and analyze trends with a big level of detail thanks to the data available through the website.

The first thing I start to build was the impact of the USA housing bubble of 2006-2008 in the prices by square foot in this kind of websites, and as you can see in the area chart, the median price increased strongly until middle of 2006 and then descended until the first months of 2012, when it start to increase again. The line chart shows the trend line of the percentage difference in median price month over month, where you can see very clear the cycles of increasing and decreasing prices. I also decided to use a “financial” look and feel for all the dashboard, as if it was going to be published in an economic newspaper.

In the second dashboard I focused on the differences by state to have additional context, and see the big differences in the USA between the most expensive states like Hawaii, California, New York and Washington DC (special attention to the big price decrease in California during the bubble) and the cheapest ones (5 or 6 times more cheap).

In the last dashboard is the one with bigger level of detail, where you can select a state, a concrete city and a concrete neighborhood and see the evolution of the median price per square foot from May 1996 to July 2015 as well as the % difference month over month.



Click the image to see the complete dashboard or see it in my Tableau Public Profile.